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FUD is short for Fear, Uncertainty Doubt. This term is brandished around whenever there’s a negative mainstream news article or an online account spreading poorly researched material about Bitcoin.

Usually the headlines of these articles are clickbait in nature and the article itself doesn’t seem anywhere near as bad as the headline suggests. Unfortunately though, people don’t tend to read past the headline so fall in to the trap.

We saw the effects of a concerted FUD effort from mainstream media in the bear market of 2018. Negative news stories followed one after the other and ended up causing a drastic drop in price as weak hands sold their Bitcoin. Sources that spread FUD are known as FUDsters.

Popular and overused FUD topics include but are not limited to:

  • Countries banning Bitcoin
  • Energy usage
  • Boiling oceans
  • No use case
  • Ponzi scheme
  • Gambling

If you start feeling fear, uncertainty or doubt about your Bitcoin investment, then stop reading the news and do more research to make sure you don’t feel the effects of FUD again.

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