Running A Cloud Node

A bitcoin node is a piece of software you can run on your computer or a specialised device that allows you to review the rules of bitcoin and verify a copy of the entire ledger and new transactions adding to the chain.

It is the primary reason why the bitcoin network remains decentralised. There are so many nodes running a copy of the database and reviewing that transactions broadcasted to the network follow the rules. 

Most people who run nodes would do it using a laptop or desktop that they can leave free to run the software, while others may build a node or use a pre-built node. But there is one other option, which would be to create a virtual node using a cloud service provider instead.

Users can run a cloud node on any cloud service that allows them to create a virtual machine or use specialised cloud node providers to do it for them.

Cloud node BTC

A bitcoin cloud node allows you to create a bitcoin node to run your preffered bitcoin software on a virtual machine instead of a physical machine like your laptop, desktop or a raspberry pi

Cloud nodes are ideal for developers who want to spin up a node quickly for use with the application they are creating or for enterprises who require more nodes to validate certain transactions. 

Running a cloud node is also a way to test the data feeds you’re getting on you’re own node and compare it to the current client you’re running. 

If you’re thinking of running a cloud node instead of a node that you control, for the sake of adding to the distribution of the network, this is a self-defeating idea. When you use a cloud provider, You’re running a node where you are trusting the software they run and using a third-party service provider to provide them access to the virtual machine.

The entire point of a node is to verify the network yourself, if you’re trusting another company to do that, then what is the point?

Cloud nodes also come at additional cost, wherewith a physical node device you pay once-off or your computer you’re not paying for it, using a cloud node you now have a monthly payment to keep it running.

Where you can purchase a cloud node

If you’re looking for a cloud run Bitcoin node, check out some of the following service providers. 

Service Provider Website
Voltage Cloud
Quick Node

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