12 Tips For Keeping Bitcoin On Your Smartphone

Tips for holding bitcoin on your smartphone

The smartphone has replaced many devices, from cameras, voice recorders, and GPS navigation, torches, as well as our primary access point to the internet. They’ve become more than a simple communication device for making calls and sending texts; with bitcoin, a smartphone can be your bank. There’s little rest for your hard-working smartphone. If you’re […]

Why ASIC Miners Break?

why Asic Miners break

The bitcoin mining sector continues to grow and evolve as the competition for new coins and transaction fees heat up. Mining started out as a low-cost way of distributing coins to those who were interested in the network early on, but over the last decade, it has turned into an electricity and hash creation race […]

What Is A Lightning Channel Backup?

LN back up channel explained

Lightning channel backups also known as static channel backupsĀ are backup files that only need to be updated when an LN node opens or closes a new channel. These backup files are a failsafe to record the state of a Lighting channel in case of data loss. They allow the Lighting node user the opportunity to […]

How To Rebalance A Lightning Channel

Rebalance LN channels

Suppose you’ve given the Lightning Network a go using a custodial wallet or a third-party Lightning node, and you’ve enjoyed the slick instant payments. In that case, you might not realise how much work goes into ensuring those payments are settled. Unlike the bitcoin base chain, where all you need is the private keys to […]

What Is A Lightning Routing Node?

LN routing node

The Lightning Network is the fastest-growing layer two solution for the Bitcoin network, which allows for off-chain transaction settlement. The Lightning Network is an open and permissionless system in which anyone can participate as long as you run the software and have bitcoin to back up your channels. Today Lightning channels are run by businesses […]

What Is A Bitcoin Fire Sale?

BTC Fire sale

For many of us, our first interaction with bitcoin will be with a centralised exchange; you would create an account, fund your exchange wallet and purchase your first bitcoin at a price you think is a good entry point. From there, you can choose to leave your funds on an exchange hoping to sell it […]

What Is A Crypto Exchange Bank Run?

crypto exchange bank run explained

There is no single path into bitcoin, but some are more common than others. Many of us start our bitcoin journey through the centralised exchange on-ramp as it is the most familiar and convenient of the options available today. Approaching a financial institution and trusting them to honour the swapping of your fiat to bitcoin […]

Why The Bitcoin Price Differs Across Countries

Btc price changes in countries

The bitcoin price is probably many people’s first touchpoint with the network and asset; that silly little number sure gets a lot of attention, and many tie themselves to it emotionally. Its price movements affect different people in different ways, with participants using it to make present and future financial calculations based on the figure […]

What Are Wumbo Lightning Channels?

Wumbo LN channels explained

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network has reached significant milestones as it continues to provide bitcoin users with a scaling method ideal for micropayments and programmable payments. The lifeblood of the Lightning network is the amount of channels and the size of channels, all working in unison to create a mesh network to settle payments instantly. As more […]

What Is A Bitcoin Off-Chain Transaction?

Btc offchain transaction explained

Bitcoin uses a blockchain as a method of recording all transactions; this distributed ledger is held in consensus by thousands of nodes run by individuals and institutions across the globe. All bitcoin can be viewed on the blockchain, along with the public addresses that hold them and transaction history. All Bitcoin transactions recorded on the […]