What Are Stablecoins On The Liquid Network?

Liquid Network Stablecoins

Stablecoins are a hot topic; some love them for their ability to settle instantly worldwide, while others see them as a regulatory headache. Some bitcoiners believe that stablecoins are shitcoins, but we have to understand others don’t see it that way and still like the idea of a fiat denominated token.  Like it or not, […]

Using Celsius To Earn 10% Interest On “True GBP”

Celsius stable coin TGBP

Staggering Interest Rates In the UK, the Bank of England is clamping down on interest rates on savings accounts… a long way down… to 0.01%! I’ve read a few articles now about how seriously the bank is considering to implement so called “negative interest rates” and getting the high street banks ready for them, where […]