What Is Ark V2?

Ark V2 Explained

Bitcoin’s impact on finance is undeniable; it’s built an entirely new asset class from a grassroots movement, and that growth comes at a cost: block space. The more people onboard to the network, the more likely it becomes that a large cohort of people will want to fit in a block at any one time, […]

What Are Multinut Payments?

Multi-nut ecash payments

If Bitcoin is to transition from a store of value towards a regular medium of exchange, aka how we pay for goods and services daily, using on-chain payments will not cut it. On-chain confirmation speeds and fees are the obvious deterrents to regular Bitcoin commerce. Block space is predicted to become increasingly rare as more people […]

What Is A Unilateral Exit?

Unilateral exit explained

Bitcoin operates as a decentralised network, meaning no single entity controls it. Transactions are recorded on a public ledger (blockchain), fostering transparency and trust.  The ledger is maintained by thousands of nodes distributed around the world, making it impossible to change or censor. These attributes resonate with users who value freedom from central banks and […]

How To Find BTC eCash Mints

Btc eCash Mints

Becoming your own bank has drawbacks, and Bitcoin users are finding that out the hard way. The days of having all your coins on-chain and paying negligible fees are slowly starting to erode, and we have to accept that certain financial transactions will never make sense on-chain. This leaves a new Bitcoin holder; you must […]

What Is Hedgehog?

Hedgehog Layer 2

Super Testnet, a freelance developer focused on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, is known for developing some rather novel ideas and pushing them out to drive discussion and innovation.  Every so often, the tinkerer pops up with a new proof of concept and leaves some of us scratching our heads as we try to keep […]

What Is Pathcoin?

What is pathcoin?

We’ve all heard of Bitcoin as a digital currency, a revolutionary way to exchange value online. Internet native money used by cartels to launder money, ones and zeros used to purchase drugs via online marketplaces, and digital beanie babies are ideal for somewhere scams. Yes, Bitcoin has been used for those types of transactions, but […]

What Is Anduro?

Anduro Bitcoin Layer Two

Bitcoin has changed how we transfer value online, allowing users to transfer funds without an intermediary. It has chugged along nicely over the last decade, increasing its user base yearly. While several bull cycles have come and gone, on-chain transactions could meet demand interest, and the user base was manageable.  Yes, there were a few […]

The Bitcoin Layer 2 Grift

BTC Layer 2 grift

Bitcoin’s core strength lies in its decentralisation and security. Every transaction is meticulously recorded on a public ledger, accessible to everyone, ensuring transparency and immutability. However, this robust consensus mechanism comes at a cost: slow transaction speeds. The Bitcoin network can only process around seven transactions per second, a far cry from the thousands handled by centralised payment systems like […]

What Is BitcoinOS?

BitcoinOS explained

Bitcoin, the digital gold, gleaming brightly but locked in a gilded cage of its own design. To ensure security and reliability, the Bitcoin network had to make inevitable trade-offs that manifested in a lack of throughput. Its revolutionary potential for global finance and peer-to-peer transactions is hampered by this critical bottleneck – a transaction speed […]

Can Taproot Assets Migrate BRC-20 Mania?

BRC-20 migration to taproot asssets

BRC-20 tokens started out as a joke, an experimental token standard using the ordinals protocol, with some clear issues that even its creator claimed were flawed from the start. Even the creator of the ordinal theory on Bitcoin has proposed an alternative implementation in Runes. It was never meant to be anything but a novelty use case for […]

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