pStaking More Like Piss Taking

PStaking or piss taking

Bull markets are the ideal environment for opportunists. It’s the period in the cycle where bad ideas can get funding and live longer than they should. Once that influx of capital comes into Bitcoin as the great repricing begins, it raises all ships and dead wood surrounding those ships.  As part of that deadwood are […]

Runes Have Failed To Excite The Degens

Runes have failed

The launch of Runes on block 840,000 was heralded as a revolution for the Bitcoin network. Prior to the launch of Runes, tokens on Bitcoin were the talk of Twitter, despite the blockchain being bogged down by the inefficient meta protocol using ordinal theory to create BRC-20 tokens.  BRC-20 tokens captured the imagination of speculators due to their fair […]

The Social Engineering Hacks Will Continue Until Self Custody Improves

Social engineering attacks

When you decide to store your wealth in Bitcoin, security is paramount. The blockchain spares no expense in securing blocks for a reason, and you shouldn’t either. Trusting large entities with our money and assets might be the norm, but centralisation comes at a cost.   While we fortify our digital wallets with strong passwords and […]

Lessons From The WBTC Address Poisoning Attack

WBTC address poisioning

In May 2024, the altcoin world threw up another epic loss for the ages when a whopping 1,155 WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin), valued at over $70 million at the time, vanished from users’ wallets due to an address poisoning attack.  While many reports will label it a hack, it is by no means coding on a […]

Rune Etching Mania Spiking Fees

Etching runes drive up on-chain fees

The Bitcoin blockchain has just undergone its fifth halving event, marking a significant shift in the network’s ability to satisfy any growing demand for the asset. At block 840,000, the block subsidy – the incentive for miners to secure the network – was programmatically sliced in half, dropping to 3.125 BTC per block. The latest […]

Fair Mints: The Mexican Standoff 

Fair mint stand off

Altcoins have often painted themselves with a coat of decentralisation, claiming to democratise finance. It’s a “free market bro”. Anyone can create their own currency and participate in a revolution against traditional financial institutions.  A movement that started with Bitcoin has seen a faction split off and devolve into a paragon of Ponzis, playing out […]

The Benefits Of Runes

Benefit runes

Let me make this clear: I am an ordinal disrespector. I run Knots on my node, and I am proud of that; yes, Maxi brain doesn’t allow anything other than Bitcoin to fit in this blockhead. Now that you know my bias, let’s get down to the latest Tamagotchi craze hitting the blockchain.  Ah, the […]

The Reality of Meme Coins


The world of Bitcoin is a wild ride, and we all have to forge our own path, form our own opinions, and build our convictions in our thesis. Eventually, if you put in enough work, you will find out that Bitcoin is the only way to do it.  If you don’t bother to do your […]

What Are Non-Arbitrary Tokens?

non-arb tokens explained

Ah, Bitcoin, to many looking in from the outside, is seen as the Wild West of finance, the land of digital gold rushes, and the breeding ground for financial innovation that we still need to grasp fully. Having that level of caution and scepticism isn’t a bad thing.  Remember, don’t trust, verify. A healthy approach to […]

Songs As Ordinals A New PR Stunt

Songs as ordinals PR stunt

Rappers love flaunting their wealth; it makes up a large percentage of their lyrics, and it’s been part of hip-hop culture for decades. What began a positive message of rags to riches through your art, work ethic, and endeavours have devolved over time into braggadocious bars that seem never to find a conclusion.   It’s always […]

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