Beware Of AI Phone Scams

AI Phone Scams

We’ve all made the mistake of trusting a service provider with our phone number and having it leaked, sold off to a third party, or using a service like a job site that has seen our phone number scrapped and ending up on lists of scammers. Scam callers use these lists to call unsuspecting individuals, […]

What Is Sophon?

Satoshi Sophon Explained

Since the launch of the ordinals protocol, we’ve seen a flurry of new activity on the Bitcoin network. Some see these new transaction types as a way to generate extra revenue for the miners as block space is filled more often. At the same time, ordinal users are willing to pay higher fees than the […]

Beware Of Bitcoin Blackmail Emails

BTC Blackmail Emails

Every day, billions of emails make their way across the internet, the vast majority being complete trash captured by spam filters and junk mail boxes, but every so often, one finds its way through. When an email from a strange contact hits your primary inbox, some of us would consider it an anomaly that our […]

What Are Runes?

Bitcoin Runes

The bear market and its sideways movements don’t exactly sit well with those with a high-time preference; without price action, there is no dopamine hit to keep you on Twitter (X) or looking at blockchain data. If it gets any worse, you might have a justification to go outside and touch grass or pay attention […]

What Are Fake Lightning Channels?

Fake LN channels

Payment networks like Bitcoin are attractive targets for attack because they handle large sums of money and they transfer the bearer asset. If you can compromise a wallet or node and access the funds, there is no way of rolling back the chain, and those funds are lost forever. While the Bitcoin network itself has […]

Considerations Before Donating Bitcoin

Consider before donating Bitcoin

Donating to charity, projects, Bitcoin Circular Economies or content creators is a great way to make a difference and encourage particular behaviour with the help of Bitcoin. It can help people in need, support important causes, or help someone create something unique that doesn’t yet have a business model or monetisation angle, as is the […]

What Are Token Sacrifices?

Token sacrificing

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) have become popular for tech startups to raise money in recent years. An initial coin offering (ICO) is the cryptocurrency industry’s equivalent of an initial public offering (IPO). In an ICO, a company sells tokens to investors in exchange for fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies.  ICOs never had real regulation and […]

Why AI Tokens Are A Scam

Ai tokens scams

Tokenisation has long been a gimmick used to sell the potential of some or other digital service. The idea is if you paywall a certain service with a token, users wishing to desperately use that service would have no other choice but to purchase the token, and early investors will get to sell into the […]

What Are Sustainable Bitcoin Certificates?

What are sustainable BTC certificates

The fiat system and its centralised issuance of currency have allowed the issuers to create money at will, but when you’re creating money, you need to have a palatable reason that the public will accept; after all, you are devaluing their purchasing power. While there are many programs today justifying new money creation and investment, […]

Why Do Crypto Exchanges Fail?

Crypto exchange failue

Imagine waking up one morning and finding that your hard-earned Bitcoin has vanished into thin air. While you might be able to trace it on-chain, signs of recovery are slim to one, and the reality of facing a gut-wrenching loss sets in. This is the harsh reality faced by countless individuals who have fallen victim […]

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