How To Protect Yourself Against Chain Analysis

Protect against chain analysis

On-chain analysis refers to the surveillance of the data recorded on the bitcoin blockchain. While there is nothing special about reviewing and verifying on-chain data, anyone with a full node can do that in a pseudo-anonymous fashion.  On-chain analysis metrics were first used to give traders and investors a bird’s eye view of the bitcoin […]

Can Bitcoin Transactions Be Censored?

BTC censorship

Ever since payments became digital, we’ve seen an increase in the ability to censor transactions; financial institutions and payment intermediaries shut down accounts or inhibit transactions daily. As custodians of other people’s funds, these platforms require the ability to reverse transactions, as they custody funds and take the risk of moving them; when fraud occurs, […]

Bitcoin App: Jam

bitcoin app Jam

Bitcoin is built on a public and pseudonymous blockchain, which grants strong privacy to users who remain inside the network. Privacy on bitcoin is not guaranteed by default, and because privacy is optional, many bitcoiners have used it in a way that has limited their ability to remain private. In a perfect world, we would […]

How To View Non-KYC Bitcoin Offers Via Telegram

View non-kyc btc offers telegram

Acquiring non-KYC bitcoin can be a laborious task; you have to check up on various platforms, review the order book, and filter by the payment method they accept and the size of the orders available. It’s time-consuming, and liquidity isn’t always available to perform specific orders. It’s part of the many reasons why people avoid […]

How To Buy Non-KYC Bitcoin On The Lightning Network

KYC free BTC

Bitcoin and its ever-expanding ecosystem are all about taking back control over your finances. You can have as much or as little control as you like, and you can scale it up or down as you learn and become more comfortable with the technology. One of the biggest improvements to bitcoin has been the launch […]

Why KYC Is A Danger To You

why dangerous to you

Moving into the digital age, those of us in the banking system has had to deal with more encroachment on privacy and limitations on our access to our money and other financial products and services. We are used t using these captured on-ramps and have normalised their processes.  Even now, with bitcoin, it’s getting harder […]

What Is A Bitcoin CoinSwap?

Bitcoin Coin swap

Using bitcoin means you’re conducting your business out in the open; when you transfer funds, every person with a node or access to a block explorer can track your transactions. They might not know what it all means or the extent of your transactions, but with some clever overlay tracking, chain analysis firms can quickly […]

How You’re Doxing Yourself With Portfolio Managers

Portfolio managers doxing

Becoming your own bank sounds like a novel idea and, in practice, will fundamentally change you. The idea of holding your funds, taking full personal responsibility for securing them, transferring them and maintaining the privacy of your wealth is a seismic shift from what we’ve all been used to in a fiat system. Under a […]

Why You Should Keep Your Bitcoin Holdings To Yourself

Don't dox your Bitcoin holdings

One of the things we’re always harping on about here at The Bitcoin Manual is the importance of Bitcoin security and keeping your private keys safe which is paramount importance. No-one is going to be able to help you if you lose access to your Bitcoin wallet! Or at the very least, it will be […]