What Is A Satscard?

How a satscard works

Bitcoin has grown in popularity over the years, with more people adopting it as a way to store savings, speculate on as an investment or as means of payment. As Bitcoin continues gaining traction, it needs more convenient and secure ways to use and spend it. Bitcoin continues to clear millions each day, with a […]

What Is A TapSigner?

Tapsigner Explained

If you’re a Bitcoin user, you’re probably familiar with the challenges of securing your satoshis. You obviously do not want to leave it with a third-party custodian, where you risk losing your funds and only have permissioned access to that Bitcoin. Ideally, you want to take control of those funds by using a wallet that […]

What Is The Bitcoin Ring?

Bitcoin Ring Explained

As bitcoin adoption continues to grow year after year, more people are starting to hold a portion of their savings in bitcoin, but eventually, people will want to spend their satoshis. Currently, spending bitcoin is more trouble than it’s worth; you either need to use some custodial service or convert it back into fiat to […]

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