Why Bitcoin Podcasts Aren’t The Best Way To Learn

Bitcoin podcasting can suck

I enjoy a good podcast while I work or work out; it keeps the day moving on and makes me feel like I am more constructive with my time. Like many of you, I want to learn as much about bitcoin as I can; if I am going to save in this form of money, […]

How Do You Get Started With Bitcoin?

How to get started using Bitcoin

I was at an event in London last week after being invited as part of the UK Bitcoin Pioneer initiative to get Brits into Bitcoin. A great chance to meet and put faces to names from the Telegram group, gift people £10 worth of Bitcoin and do a bit of shameless TBM shilling! What struck […]

Different Phases Of Learning Bitcoin – A Noob’s Perspective

Go At Your Own Pace & Don’t Stop Learning Play The Long Game I’ve been bumbling about Bitcoin like a drunken bee since Christmas 2017 and first heard of it back in 2012. Fast forward to today and there’s an ever growing amount of development going on that it makes my head spin just reading […]