DEFI Are Underpants Stealing Gnomes Who Learned To Code

DEFI underpants gnomes

When I look at DEFI, every single pitch is entirely out of touch with reality, yet no one seems to question it. All of DEFI can be taken down with a simple question. Where does the profit come from? Ask any DEFI proponent, and they’ll come up with a long, convoluted answer that is a […]

How Crypto & Blockchain Technology Impacted My Personal Finance

Crypto and blockchain impact on finance

TheyCallMeDan’s Initiative I’ve been seeing a few posts about this initiative recently and so thought I’d share my perspective in addition to the post I wrote last week. The initiative from @theycallmedan is fully outlined in here so feel free to get involved and if you have already written your post, let me know in […]

How Bitcoin Can Obliterate Debt

TBM Topics

As the world tries so desperately to hold on to what we’ve built through debt, we are seeing money printing going through the roof and the idea of trillions being created in a month is pretty normal. In a debt-based financial system, everything can be solved with more money printing and driving ourselves deeper into […]