Why Wrapped Bitcoin Can Depeg?

Why Wrapped BTC can depeg

Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) is a bitcoin voucher or promissory note that can be generated by submitting bitcoin to a custodian or smart contract bridge. Once the custodian or smart contract receives real bitcoin in an address they control, they will issue a wrapped bitcoin token to be used within another blockchain ecosystem of your choice. […]

The Dangers Of Holding Wrapped Bitcoin

Wrapped BTC risks

The emergence of so-called¬†decentralised finance¬†(DeFi) has promised endless opportunities, financial inclusion and access to institutional-grade financial products but one problem with DeFi is the lack of a pristine asset. The incompatibility of using bitcoin on other chains where DeFi limits the growth, the use and the value that can be attracted into those ecosystems. Instead […]

What Is Shitcoin Exit Liquidity?

shitcoin exit liquidity

We’ve all heard of or even participated in the standard ‘pump-and-dump’ scheme. The premise is simple, ‘dumpers’ create or hold a particular asset, in this case, a token, and use their influence or purchase influence through other personalities or institutions to hype up demand before aggressively. As people hear about the token and the false […]

What Creates The Crypto Contagion?

Crypto contagion

It’s been a wild ride these last few years, even for the most seasoned bitcoiner. If this is your first bull and bear cycle, I am sure you feel like you’ve experienced a decade’s worth of drama in this last year alone. Bitcoin is infamous for being highly speculative and volatile. When you tack on […]

What Is Bitcoin Price Manipulation?

BTC price manipulation

Once you step into the bitcoin market, you’ll have to deal with volatility; everyday buyers and sellers meet on markets worldwide, buying and selling the asset. Every day, supply and demand meet one another, and they settle on a current trading price because there are so many different actors involved, all with different motivations, and […]

How Altcoin Exchanges Carry Liquidity Risk

altcoin liquidity risk

Once you venture into the world of bitcoin and plan to acquire some, you’re faced with the reality that centralised exchanges are the easiest, cheapest and simplest way to get exposure to bitcoin. These on-ramps have market demand, and these fintech services function similarly to banks. You deposit fiat currency with them, and these exchanges […]

The Dangers Of Using A Shitcoin Casino

Why shitcoin casinos are dangerous

Bitcoin might be censorship-resistant and money without counterparty risk; however, these attributes don’t automatically apply to bitcoin if you’re not using it directly on chain with a set of private keys. If you’re using a custodian, you’re as good as using a promise to manage your bitcoin. A reality that many will have to fund […]

What Is Kollider Pay?

kollider Pay stablecoins

The need for dollars continues to expand under the guise of stablecoins; as fiat currencies worldwide continue to lose value to the dollar and other assets, citizens are clamouring for USD in any form they can get it in. Tokenised stablecoins on bitcoin and altcoins have reached a market cap of well over 150 billion […]

What Is Longing Bitcoin?

Going long bitcoin

Bitcoin is a highly volatile asset and due to these price movements and the ability to trade it with different currency pairs, it attracts traders from all over the world. Since the swings can be big and aggressive, that makes for wider spreads to take profits. Of course, If you can time the market, money […]

Bitcoin App: LN Markets

Bitcoin is often labelled boring and stuffy, the trusted boomer coin that keeps going reliably without fail; it’s got no innovation going for it, so why focus on it, right? To an extent, these critics are correct; bitcoin is boring because it’s a savings technology, it’s meant to be mind-numbingly boring and reliable, but it’s […]