What Are AirGapped Bitcoin Wallets?

Airgapped btc wallets

When it comes down to securing your bitcoin and holding your keys, there isn’t a single path to storage. You can start with a method as simple as downloading a software hot wallet for free and generating a set of keys on your desktop or mobile device, or you can opt for something more elaborate, […]

Self-Custody Maximalism On The Rise

Although the extreme viewpoint of Bitcoin Maximalism is “1 Bitcoin = 1 Bitcoin”, the vast majority of people in the space always look at “1 Bitcoin = current £ price”. As the fiat price of Bitcoin goes through its bear market and bull market cycles, we see companies and exchanges come and go, which leads […]

Regulation & The Importance of Bitcoin Self-Custody

I’m pretty big on Bitcoin security and always want people who stack sats to take ownership of them by getting a cold wallet, rather than leaving their coins on 3rd party platforms. Having said that, I have moved my Bitcoin around different places and it got to a point where I had more out of […]