The Achilles Heel of Popular Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

Issues with BTC hardware wallets

We’ve all (hopefully) heard and obeyed the excellent advice that you should store your private keys on a dedicated Hardware Wallet. There are millions of people world wide who trust them to keep their bitcoins safe and for good reason. No one should be storing their keys on a post it note, in their iCloud […]

Forget Cold Storage, Go “Deep Freeze” Storage

Deep Freeze cold storage

Crypto Security One of the things I’ve been learning about and diving more into with crypto is cold storage as I’m intending on HODLing for years and have a “never touch” amount unless it’s absolutely essential. But having read about all the different hacks on various platforms, which are commonplace by the way, it’s made […]

Practicing “Safe Crypto” With A Triple Wrapped Ledger Nano

Safe Crypto - Triple Ledger Nano S

Don’t Be A Fool, Cover Your Tool And that tool is your crypto stash lol. As always, speaking to my mate @chekohler about our Strat-Stack-Sats (Strategy to Stack Sats every Saturday) brings about the conversation around how we store our crypto safely. Neither of us are too keen on leaving funds on exchanges and I […]