The Power Of Compound Interest

Compound Interest Calculator

Since I immersed myself in to the crypto industry during the retail rush at the end of 2017, I’ve experienced a mindset shift about saving that was brought to the forefront only in the last couple of months. Sure, I always tried to save what I could each month but putting it in to a […]

Using Celsius To Earn 10% Interest On “True GBP”

Celsius stable coin TGBP

Staggering Interest Rates In the UK, the Bank of England is clamping down on interest rates on savings accounts… a long way down… to 0.01%! I’ve read a few articles now about how seriously the bank is considering to implement so called “negative interest rates” and getting the high street banks ready for them, where […]

Ce-Fi, De-Fi, WhyFi?

CeFi, DeFi, WhyFi

WhatFi? I’m trying my hand at something else in the crypto world today and that is the world of “CeFi” or “Centralised Finance”, where a company holds custody of your crypto but you can earn interest on your holdings (almost exactly like a traditional bank, ewww). If you’re like me and prefer having full control […]