How To Do Bitcoin To Layer 2 Swaps Via Telegram

BTC chainswap telegram

As bitcoin scales in layers, you may come across situations where your bitcoin is sitting on one layer but needs to be moved to settle a transaction on another layer. This can get a bit complicated if you don’t have the tools, adequate capital on each layer or know of the right swapping service to […]

How Do You Invest In Bitcoin?

How do you start investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a new asset class as it doesn’t really fit in to any of the traditional investment models and it’s certainly not a stock. Some call it new money, others call it a gamble, the uninformed call it a ponzi (hilarious). As we have covered on TBM many times, for us, it’s a long […]

Why Bitcoin Suddenly Drops In Price

You’ve all seen the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) from the mainstream media about Bitcoin’s volatility over the years but when you know why it happens, you can use it to your advantage to stack some really cheap sats. I’ve been digging a little bit in to these sharp drawdowns over the last few months and […]

Setting Up Auto BTC Purchases On Luno

All Aboard The Luno Express! 🚄 After posting yesterday about rankings with Bitcoin and Ethereum, I decided I really wanted to chip away at that newly found target of “Bitcoin Redfish” which is about 2.35 BTC (but will be a maximum of 2.66 BTC when all 21 million are mined at some point next century […]