What Is The Bitcoin Kimchi Premium?

Kimchi Premium

Bitcoin exists everywhere and nowhere at the same time; the distributed ledger and all the assets it manages are purely digital, so it has no borders, it has no restrictions. As long as you follow the consensus rules of the network, you can engage in transactions on the bitcoin network. It’s simple and elegant in […]

Bitcoin App: LN Markets

Bitcoin is often labelled boring and stuffy, the trusted boomer coin that keeps going reliably without fail; it’s got no innovation going for it, so why focus on it, right? To an extent, these critics are correct; bitcoin is boring because it’s a savings technology, it’s meant to be mind-numbingly boring and reliable, but it’s […]

What Is A Bitcoin Flash Crash?

BTC flash crash

When you make your first forays into bitcoin, you’re probably far more sensitive to price movements than those who have spent time in the market. Bitcoin is known for its volatility, and 5-20% daily moves are seen as normal, but that doesn’t mean additional volatility won’t take investors by surprise. It’s not uncommon for bitcoin […]

How To Trade Derivatives Contracts Using The Lightning Network

Trade derivative contracts using LN network

One of the biggest criticisms of bitcoin by the altcoin community is the lack of applications built on bitcoin. Since bitcoin doesn’t have token minting abilities to create fake demand for an asset by creating new trading pairs, it isn’t as attractive to speculators as these riskier markets. Bitcoin’s global adoption is still a long […]