What Are Bitcoin Mini Grids?

BTC mini grids

Much has been made of bitcoins energy demands, and you will find no shortage of ESG-funded hit pieces looking at bitcoin’s energy production from a myopic lens. A lot of the criticism of bitcoin’s energy use is that it simply uses energy and provides nothing for that energy costs, and it could have gone towards […]

What Is Fedipool?

What is fedipool

Bitcoin transactions get verified through the process of mining, a method of providing computational power to secure the bitcoin network and protect it against attack. A bitcoin miner can submit its calculation proofs as hash rate directly to the network and compete with all other miners doing the same for the latest block. After every […]

What Is An Out-Of-Band Bitcoin Transaction?

Out of band bitcoin transaction

Creating a transaction on the bitcoin network is the process of transferring ownership of a UTXO representing a certain amount of satoshis. You first compile a transaction with all the necessary details using the wallet software of your choice, then you broadcast that compiled script via your node or a third-party node, and miners will […]

What is Stratum V2?

Stratum V2 explained

Bitcoin mining is an essential part of the bitcoin network; while a lot of the focus revolves around how much you can earn from the block subsidy and transaction fees, this is only one element of mining, the incentive to get people to commit resources to the network. Bitcoin mining requires miners to convert electricity […]

Why ASIC Miners Break?

why Asic Miners break

The bitcoin mining sector continues to grow and evolve as the competition for new coins and transaction fees heat up. Mining started out as a low-cost way of distributing coins to those who were interested in the network early on, but over the last decade, it has turned into an electricity and hash creation race […]

Why Bitcoin Miners Fail

why bitcoin mining operations fail

The bitcoin mining business is not a get-rich-quick scheme that involves plugging in a magic money printer machine; it’s a worldwide competition to provide security for the network and, in return, hope to secure a reward for your contribution. It’s a race against time every 10 minutes and is ruthlessly capitalistic, with no bailouts; if […]

What Is A Green Bitcoin Miner?

Green bitcoin miners

Bitcoin mining requires increasing amounts of energy to power the computers that verify and record secured transactions on the time chain. Miners are on a mission to constantly source the cheapest forms of energy and the most reliable to keep their rigs running 24 hours a day. In some cases, this energy may come from […]

Bitcoin Gaming: Bitcoin Miner (Simulator)

Mobile gaming is big business and is set to grow even more as time goes on with close to 2.7 billion of us wasting time on these devices. However, with the advent of Bitcoin and the lightning network, the gaming industry is starting to be turned on its head as players can now be rewarded […]