What Are Local Flash Crashes?

BTC local flash crash

For all its innovation, the Bitcoin market can be prone to dramatic price swings. While a healthy market experiences fluctuations, “flash crashes” stand out for their sudden and often inexplicable plunges.  Flash crashes were commonplace in the early days of Bitcoin. Still, as markets matured, exchanges became robust platforms offering deep pools of liquidity and, […]

Why Bitcoin ETFs Are Sharing Public Addresses

BTC ETF public address

The recent launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US has brought a new wave of excitement to the financial world. The approval saw ten different ETFs go live in January, and competition within the ETF space is heating up, with fees being the major differentiator between the various issuers. Competing on fees eventually reaches […]

Why BTC Prices Dropped After Spot ETF Approval

Bitcoin ETF price supression

Bitcoin has matured as a global asset class, from nerd money held by hobbyists to a near Trillion dollar asset, settling Billions in value globally each day. As Bitcoin continues to show potential for price appreciation, traditional finance would demand products that provide exposure to it. Investors in the traditional markets care very little about […]

What Is A Bitcoin Spot ETF?

BTC spot ETF explained

Bitcoin has come a long way since the days of P2P trades via forums and, later, the first “formal” exchange platform, Mt. Gox, in 2010. As the demand for Bitcoin grew globally, attracting hundreds of millions to the asset and network, on-ramps sprung up to meet this demand.  Centralised exchanges sprung up and became the go-to […]

What Is Bitcoin Tax Loss Harvesting?

Bitcoin Tax Loss Harvesting

Bitcoin is synonymous with its four-year cycles and volatility, providing various trading opportunities. Depending on your timing, you could be in for feast or famine, and very few retail investors are ready for either, making plenty of unprofitable mistakes along the way. A bull market can encourage a lot of risk-taking, risks that can prove […]

5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Should NOT Be Taxed

Why BTC should not be taxed

Taxing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a hot topic, but let’s face it, trying to tax something that was born to be rebellious is like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Primarily, Bitcoin, by its very nature as a decentralized digital currency, falls outside the traditional financial systems.  It was designed […]

What Is A Bitcoin Backed Loan?

BTC backed loans

As Bitcoin continues to monetise, we see more financial products built on the Bitcoin network or leveraging the asset’s value of Bitcoin. The more capital flows into Bitcoin, the more incentive for institutions and individuals to provide Bitcoin-related services.   One of those products is Bitcoin backed loans; this product comes with several benefits that make […]

What Is The Forever HODL Strategy?

“Surely you must want to sell at some point? You know, take some profits off the table and pat yourself on the back?” Not in the mind of the forever HODLer! This is a set-and-forget strategy where you have an amount in mind to invest and then you wait for 5 or 10 years, maybe […]

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