The Soulbound Token Turns Alts Into CBDCs

Soulbound token is a scam

Bitcoins‘ introduction on the world stage has started the reshape the way we view money, as we now have a decentralised network of programmable money that has a global reach and no single entity to control it. Naturally, this would be a highly disruptive technology due to its vast improvements over the current options and […]

Why Play To Earn Crypto Games Are A Scam

Play To Earn Scam

Gaming has been a fun way to pass the time, a good bit of interactive entertainment, and I freely admit to spending a large sum of my teenage years playing console, hand held and computer games. Earning money doing odd jobs and saving to spend on games in my early years may not have been […]

Your Coin Won’t See Another Satoshi ATH

token won't satoshi ath again

When we talk about digital assets, the market is dominated by Bitcoin (BTC). As bitcoin continues to onboard users, draw in more liquidity, and expand to new markets, you will see imitators launch to compete for market share. Whenever a new revolutionary creation rolls around, you will see cheap knock-offs trying to fool people into purchasing a “cheaper” […]

How Does The Howey Test Apply To Cryptocurrency?

Howey test on shitcoins

The invention of bitcoin took the idea of blockchain, decentralised ledger technology, proof of work, and cryptography and turned it into a brand new asset class. The mining of the genesis block was the day in which cryptographically backed energy money left the theoretical world, leaping from being academic papers to a fully fleshed out […]

Let’s Talk About Altcoin Experimentation

experimenting with shitcoins

Despite bitcoin being around for over a decade, this is still a nascent asset class with the majority of growth, adoption, and utilisation ahead of us. Since we are in the formative stages and the industry is still maturing, there is a lot of room for copycats to get funding and try to make a […]

Altcoins Are Chicken Nuggets

altcoin chicken nuggets compare

When you join the Bitcoin space, there’s a certain pressure to hide your past regarding your “curiosity” around shitcoins, but let’s be honest, it was all about greed. Many of us have shitcoined oops, I mean, acquired a basket of crypto assets lol, goodness, these marketing terms make me cringe. Aside, did I care about […]