pStaking More Like Piss Taking

PStaking or piss taking

Bull markets are the ideal environment for opportunists. It’s the period in the cycle where bad ideas can get funding and live longer than they should. Once that influx of capital comes into Bitcoin as the great repricing begins, it raises all ships and dead wood surrounding those ships.  As part of that deadwood are […]

How Altcoin Chain Data Is Monetised Against You

altcoin chain data

Many of us have to head off to the fiat mines every day to exchange time for a deteriorating store of value, and my mine of choice or chance is digital marketing.  I spend most of my working days collecting data on customers, analysing their behaviour, and optimising websites and apps based on that data […]

What Is Altseason?

What is altseason?

As the saying goes, “A rising tide raises all ships.” but it will also bring scum and debris along with it. When the Bitcoin market begins to see rapid price appreciation, anything remotely seen as a digital currency will likely benefit to some degree. Bitcoin (BTC) is often the market driver that increases investment in […]

What Is Token Burning?

Token burning explained

Bitcoin’s scarcity is one of its key features and is often paraded through the enforcement of its hard cap. As per consensus, there will only ever be a maximum of 21 million Bitcoins in circulation, with the last Bitcoin mined roughly 2140. However, the true circulating supply will likely be unknown since we don’t have […]

What Are Runes?

Bitcoin Runes

The bear market and its sideways movements don’t exactly sit well with those with a high-time preference; without price action, there is no dopamine hit to keep you on Twitter (X) or looking at blockchain data. If it gets any worse, you might have a justification to go outside and touch grass or pay attention […]

What Is ‘Liquid Staking’ on Lightning?

Liquid staking on lightning

The Lightning Network is a second-layer payment protocol that enables instant and low-cost Bitcoin transactions. It does this by connecting a network of payment channels between users who opt to run their own Lightning nodes. These channels allow users to send and receive payments without having to rely on the Bitcoin blockchain for every confirmation. As a […]

Token Regulation Won’t Stop Speculation

Token speculation can't be stopped

The altcoin market has all tokens swimming in a sea of red, with investors panicking about the outcome of major lawsuits that have gripped every crypto publication’s headlines. The two biggest CEXs on the block, Binance and Coinbase, have been targeted in a new round of lawsuits by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) […]

What Is Delegated Proof of Stake (Dpos)?

Delegated proof of stake

If there is one thing altcoiners are brilliant at, it is the ability to throw a lot of words and situations at you without saying much; these glorified marketers are always coming up with new and innovative ways to rebrand the ability to print up inflation, couple it with an idea, and profit from the […]

The Soulbound Token Turns Alts Into CBDCs

Soulbound token is a scam

Bitcoins‘ introduction on the world stage has started the reshape the way we view money, as we now have a decentralised network of programmable money that has a global reach and no single entity to control it. Naturally, this would be a highly disruptive technology due to its vast improvements over the current options and […]

Why Play To Earn Crypto Games Are A Scam

Play To Earn Scam

Gaming has been a fun way to pass the time, a good bit of interactive entertainment, and I freely admit to spending a large sum of my teenage years playing console, hand held and computer games. Earning money doing odd jobs and saving to spend on games in my early years may not have been […]

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