What Is Nation-State Bitcoin Mining?

nation state btc mining

Bitcoin mining has grown considerably from its humble beginnings, starting as a hobbyist activity where individuals who wanted to support network decentralisation would provide hashing power on their desktop or laptop computers and net 50 BTC every 10 minutes with very little competition.  A decade later, those initial CPU miners have been priced out, and […]

5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Should NOT Be Taxed

Why BTC should not be taxed

Taxing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a hot topic, but let’s face it, trying to tax something that was born to be rebellious is like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Primarily, Bitcoin, by its very nature as a decentralized digital currency, falls outside the traditional financial systems.  It was designed […]

NY’s Bitcoin Mining Ban Based on a False Premise 

NY mining ban false

The state of New York has not been the most Bitcoin-friendly region, which is ironic since the area is synonymous with finance and financial innovation. One would think it’s natural that operating a Bitcoin-based business in New York would complement many firms based in the state, but regulators have a different view. Many policymakers in […]

What Is Bitcoin Legal Tender?

BTC legal tender laws

Bitcoin has grown significantly over the last ten years. It’s unbelievable to think that in 2010, a single Bitcoin was just a few cents and by 2017, the price had reached over $20,000. While in 2021, it reached an all-time high of over $68,000, and today, it sits at around $30 000 per coin.  This […]

What Is The BitLicense?

bitlicense explained

The introduction of Bitcoin is often labelled as a disruptive technology, and any discovery that renders previous ways of doing things pointless will upset established players who want to slow down its adoption. While history shows that adopting new technologies doesn’t end well for those trying to hold on to the old way, it will […]

How To Acquire Bitcoin If Your Government Bans It

Get BTC even when its banned

If you ask many a nocoiner or bitcoin sceptic why they see no reason to acquire any stake in bitcoin, they’ll often resort to the statist argument of “Well, the government will just ban it if it gets too big”. The idea that governments worldwide will ban bitcoin is popular for a good reason. Bitcoin […]

The Soulbound Token Turns Alts Into CBDCs

Soulbound token is a scam

Bitcoins‘ introduction on the world stage has started the reshape the way we view money, as we now have a decentralised network of programmable money that has a global reach and no single entity to control it. Naturally, this would be a highly disruptive technology due to its vast improvements over the current options and […]

How Does The Howey Test Apply To Cryptocurrency?

Howey test on shitcoins

The invention of bitcoin took the idea of blockchain, decentralised ledger technology, proof of work, and cryptography and turned it into a brand new asset class. The mining of the genesis block was the day in which cryptographically backed energy money left the theoretical world, leaping from being academic papers to a fully fleshed out […]

EU Pushing For Removal Of Bitcoin Non-Custodial Privacy

BTC non custodial privacy

European Union lawmakers are back at it again; after the failed vote to get proof of work banned in the region, they are determined to get some regulation over on bitcoin. Instead of going for the industrial part of bitcoin, which creates jobs and is an energy buyer on the continent, they are now targetting […]

Why KYC Is A Danger To You

why dangerous to you

Moving into the digital age, those of us in the banking system has had to deal with more encroachment on privacy and limitations on our access to our money and other financial products and services. We are used t using these captured on-ramps and have normalised their processes.  Even now, with bitcoin, it’s getting harder […]

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