How To Acquire Bitcoin If Your Government Bans It

Get BTC even when its banned

If you ask many a nocoiner or bitcoin sceptic why they see no reason to acquire any stake in bitcoin, they’ll often resort to the statist argument of “Well, the government will just ban it if it gets too big”. The idea that governments worldwide will ban bitcoin is popular for a good reason. Bitcoin […]

The Soulbound Token Turns Alts Into CBDCs

Soulbound token is a scam

Bitcoins‘ introduction on the world stage has started the reshape the way we view money, as we now have a decentralised network of programmable money that has a global reach and no single entity to control it. Naturally, this would be a highly disruptive technology due to its vast improvements over the current options and […]

How Does The Howey Test Apply To Cryptocurrency?

Howey test on shitcoins

The invention of bitcoin took the idea of blockchain, decentralised ledger technology, proof of work, and cryptography and turned it into a brand new asset class. The mining of the genesis block was the day in which cryptographically backed energy money left the theoretical world, leaping from being academic papers to a fully fleshed out […]

EU Pushing For Removal Of Bitcoin Non-Custodial Privacy

BTC non custodial privacy

European Union lawmakers are back at it again; after the failed vote to get proof of work banned in the region, they are determined to get some regulation over on bitcoin. Instead of going for the industrial part of bitcoin, which creates jobs and is an energy buyer on the continent, they are now targetting […]

Why KYC Is A Danger To You

why dangerous to you

Moving into the digital age, those of us in the banking system has had to deal with more encroachment on privacy and limitations on our access to our money and other financial products and services. We are used t using these captured on-ramps and have normalised their processes.  Even now, with bitcoin, it’s getting harder […]

The UK Bans Bitcoin ATMs

UK banning bitcoin ATMs

As of this week, the UK has announced that bitcoin-currency cash machines (known as Bitcoin ATMs) are operating illegally and must be shut down. The decision comes from the Financial Conduct Authority has announced. Bitcoin-ATMs look like regular cash machines and let people buy bitcoin using cash or their bank cards. While using a bank […]

How Would An Executive Order 6102 Affect Bitcoin

order 6102 affect btc

The growth of bitcoin has started to worry governments worldwide; we’ve seen many states becoming increasingly hostile, banning mining, putting restrictions on ownership or trading, and these actions don’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. While there are many steps governments can take to slow down the adoption of bitcoin before an outright ban […]

What An EU Mining Ban Means For Bitcoin

EU bitcoin mining ban

2021 marked the year of the significant bitcoin mining migration, as China called for a mining ban. The ban is a government response to the growing local bitcoin scene drawing resources from the country. The motivation for the ban is said to be to protect against capital outflow, reduce demand for energy on their grid, […]

Regulation & The Importance of Bitcoin Self-Custody

I’m pretty big on Bitcoin security and always want people who stack sats to take ownership of them by getting a cold wallet, rather than leaving their coins on 3rd party platforms. Having said that, I have moved my Bitcoin around different places and it got to a point where I had more out of […]