Mt. Gox Repayment Program Set To Begin

Mt gox repayment program

2024 has been the year of liquidation. First, the German government decided to offload the 50,000 coins it seized from Movies 2k. During those 27 days, the market took a 25% dip, hitting a low of $ 54,000, while buyers tried to absorb this influx of coins. After the German government emptied its coffers, the […]

The German Government Dumps Its Bitcoin Holdings

German government dumps BTC

The Bitcoin market has been sent into a tailspin following a dramatic 25% plunge in its value. When we see massive volatility in this space, everyone scrambles, looking for someone to blame. This time around, analysts are pointing fingers at the German government as the primary culprit, attributing the unprecedented price drop to the massive […]

Sweden Trying To Drive Out Bitcoin Miners

Sweden kicking out Bitcoin miners

Sweden consistently ranks among the happiest countries in the world by the happy police but now seems none too pleased with how certain data centre businesses operate within its borders. To outsiders like myself, the country is known for high car safety scorings and assembled furniture brands, but it also holds a surprising title in […]

Denmark Looks To Ban Bitcoin Wallets

Denmark Ban BTC wallets

According to figures from Danmarks Nationalbank’s survey of Danish citizens’ payment habits, approximately 272 million cash payments were made by citizens in 2023, totalling approximately kr. 84 billion in trade. This represents 8% of the country’s settlement, down from 10% in 2021. Denmark is among the top twelve EU member states with the most cashless payment […]

Bitcoin The South Africans Escape Hatch

BTC ZAR Escape Hatch

South Africa is becoming a hotspot for Bitcoin adoption; with a high internet penetration rate and a population looking for alternatives in an economic climate financial landscape that makes the Rand and Rand-based assets a poor place to park your wealth, Bitcoin’s unique properties attract significant interest. South Africa has been at the forefront of […]

SARS Sets Sights On Your Bitcoin Gains

SARS Bitcoin Income

South African Bitcoin traders, investors, and long-term holders, your free ride in the Wild West has had to end sometime. The days of cashing in on your stash and not worrying about what SARS would think about it or bother reporting it are not going to fly anymore.   What was once an ignored niche market […]

What is Grayscale Bitcoin Mini Trust?

Grayscale Bitcoin mini trust explained

Grayscale was one of the first companies out of the gate, trying to build institutional-grade products centred around Bitcoin. It first launched as private placements, allowing accredited investors to gain crypto exposure through a familiar investment vehicle structure. Grayscale’s claim to fame was its closed-end trust, created in 2013; GBTC has the longest operational history as the first […]

Bitcoin’s Battle With OFAC Compliance

BTC battling OFAC compliance

Bitcoin is considered an open monetary network due to two key features: decentralisation of access to the network, since anyone can run a node or miner and support or use the network, and the entire system resting on an open-source code base that anyone can review and run. Unlike traditional currencies controlled by governments or […]

What Are Real World Asset Tokens?

real world assets

Real-world assets, or RWAs, refer broadly to any traditional security or physical asset that derives its value from outside the blockchain, unlike the closed-loop ecosystem that Bitcoin provides.  Think of it as a 3rd party representation of the underlying asset; these tokens can represent stock certificates or bonds, they could be NFTs that represent non-fungible […]

EU To Put Chokehold On Bitcoin Wallets

EU to choke BTC

Just when you thought Bitcoin was on the up, that the suits would finally give in with the rollout of the US spot ETF, and the price would be free to melt faces, the FUD makes a return, this time from the European Union (EU).  The EU has taken a significant step towards regulating the Bitcoin market, […]

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