What Are Rare Satoshis?

Rare satoshis

Bitcoin is money for everyone; it’s an open system that anyone can choose to join and support. Once you acquire Bitcoin using a wallet where you hold the private key, no one can tell you what to do with it.  You can spend it, save it, try to earn a yield on it, borrow against […]

What Are Recursive Inscriptions?

Recursive inscriptions

Bitcoin Ordinals and Inscriptions are branded a new way to use the Bitcoin blockchain, but it’s really an old idea that has been re-hashed on the chain and takes advantage of the SegWit discount. They are the latest evolution of the coloured coins idea and allow users to inscribe data, such as images, text, or […]

What Are Cursed Inscriptions?

Cursed inscriptions

Open-source software, by its very nature, encourages public scrutiny, collaboration, transparency, and adaptability. When you put anything out online for the world to see, you’re asking to be roasted by the masses. The internet will always give you their opinion; this is true for something as simple as a bad-take tweet to something more complex […]

What Are SRC-20 Tokens/Stamps

Bitcoin Stamps/SRC-20

As the world of ordinals continues to evolve and secondary markets spring up to meet the demand for trading inscribed satoshis, we’re seeing more developers and projects trying to divert some of that capital into their projects and, of course, pockets. Who can blame them? If people have the money and want to gamble, and […]

What Is A Bitcoin Ordinal Explorer?

BTC ordinal explorer

Bitcoin runs on a distributed ledger that any one of us can download and run ourselves through a Bitcoin full node, which can be done on an old laptop, or you could have a dedicated device such as a Raspberry PI. One of the benefits of running a node with a direct copy of the […]

What Are BRC-721 Tokens?

What are BRC-721 tokens

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gather ’round and let me regale you with the story of the grand and mystical world of Bitcoin Ordinals and BRC-721.  It’s a tale of love, deception, and—spoiler alert—scams! Once upon a time, in the mystical land of the internet, the all-mighty Bitcoin ruled supreme. Alas, its subjects, the […]

How To Inscribe An Article On Bitcoin

Inscribe article on btc

The emergence of bitcoin ordinals has ignited a fresh debate about the purpose of bitcoin and the resources used to manage this decentralised payment network. Monetary purists feel that bitcoin should only be used for transactions; bitcoin libertarians side with the fact that if you can pay for it and it doesn’t break consensus, you […]

What Is Ordisrespector?

Ordinal disrespector patch

Ordinals, the controversial NFT concept living on the bitcoin blockchain, has been a major topic for discussion in recent weeks. Since the introduction of the software, we’ve seen plenty of arguments both for and against these types of transactions. Regardless of where you stand on the topic, the fact is that there has been a […]

The Pros & Cons Of Ordinals

Ordinals btc pros and cons

The world of bitcoin is growing rapidly, and with it comes unprecedented comes new applications, protocols, tools, services, and opportunities– but also a unique set of risks. Bitcoin ordinals and inscriptions are the latest update to apply a fresh take on how to use bitcoin, and it would naturally trigger raging debates. As the ordinals […]

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