What Is Ordisrespector?

Ordinal disrespector patch

Ordinals, the controversial NFT concept living on the bitcoin blockchain, has been a major topic for discussion in recent weeks. Since the introduction of the software, we’ve seen plenty of arguments both for and against these types of transactions. Regardless of where you stand on the topic, the fact is that there has been a […]

The Pros & Cons Of Ordinals

Ordinals btc pros and cons

The world of bitcoin is growing rapidly, and with it comes unprecedented comes new applications, protocols, tools, services, and opportunities– but also a unique set of risks. Bitcoin ordinals and inscriptions are the latest update to apply a fresh take on how to use bitcoin, and it would naturally trigger raging debates. As the ordinals […]

A Nostr Approach To NFTs

Nostr NFTs

Humans have been hard-wired to want to collect things that are deemed scarce, and this programming has been used to fuel trend after trend of collectables. From tulips to beanie babies and now jpegs files with a serial number on a blockchain, trends come around, pull people into a complete frenzy that grows and draws […]

What Are Bitcoin Ordinals?

Bitcoin ordinals explained

If you’re new to the space or have better things to do with your time, then your first experience with NFTs has had to be the speculative mania of 2017 with games like crypto kitties or in 2021 with art NFTs going mainstream. Even though the NFT market has lost over 96% of its trading […]

Can You Have NFTs On Bitcoin?

When I started dipping my toes in to Bitcoin and the rest of the shitcoin world at the end of 2017, the buzzword at the time was “ICO” or Initial Coin Offering (or Con offering if you prefer 😉 ). This was where literally anyone could create some random token, offer it up to “early […]