What Is The Difference Between Dollar Cost Averaging & Saving In Bitcoin?

There has been a bit of an “online scuffle” recently amongst the most ardent Bitcoiners about terminology around stacking sats. A lot of people refer to buying sats daily as Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) and although regular people use the daily buys and DCA terms interchangeably, it grinds some people’s gears. Personally, I’m not too […]

Setting Up Auto BTC Purchases On Luno

All Aboard The Luno Express! 🚄 After posting yesterday about rankings with Bitcoin and Ethereum, I decided I really wanted to chip away at that newly found target of “Bitcoin Redfish” which is about 2.35 BTC (but will be a maximum of 2.66 BTC when all 21 million are mined at some point next century […]