What Is An LSP?

Lightning network service provider

The technology creates a secondary network that offers peer-to-peer payments trustlessly, with instant settlement and lower bitcoin transaction fees. But to gain access to all these benefits, you either need to use a custodial service, leverage a trusted node in your friendship, family or community circles or run the entire stack yourself. When it comes […]

The Achilles Heel of Popular Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

Issues with BTC hardware wallets

We’ve all (hopefully) heard and obeyed the excellent advice that you should store your private keys on a dedicated Hardware Wallet. There are millions of people world wide who trust them to keep their bitcoins safe and for good reason. No one should be storing their keys on a post it note, in their iCloud […]

What Are eCash Multi-Mint Swaps?

Multi-mint ecash

Onboarding users into bitcoin is no simple task; the average user is simply not ready to handle money in a self-sovereign manner the way on-chain and the Lightning Network demand. To manage your bitcoin safely and privately, you’ll need to run a node and use bitcoin privacy best practices, and this takes time to learn […]

Why Would A Bitcoin Transaction Remain Unconfirmed?

BTC unconfirmed transactions

If you’ve ever traded bitcoin on-chain before, then you probably have experienced the cold sweat and tightened sphincter that is waiting for that first confirmation. Moving money on a network with strange text string addresses and waiting for a miner somewhere in the world to secure it into a block is always going to be […]

What Is RBF – Replace By Fee?

replace by fee

When you perform a bitcoin transaction, it needs to be verified by the bitcoin network before it can be completed. This verification process is done by a node that broadcasts the transaction to the network. If the transaction meets bitcoin consensus requirements and the fees are attractive, miners will pick it up and add it […]

What Are Asynchronous Lightning Payments?

asynchronous lightning payments explained

The Lightning Network is a second-layer environment for routing payments outside the restrictions of the bitcoin blockchain, which are known as that off-chain transactions. Transactions between parties are not on the blockchain but rather the updating of balances between members of the network who have decided to lock up bitcoin on-chain to allow them to […]

What Are AirGapped Bitcoin Wallets?

Airgapped btc wallets

When it comes down to securing your bitcoin and holding your keys, there isn’t a single path to storage. You can start with a method as simple as downloading a software hot wallet for free and generating a set of keys on your desktop or mobile device, or you can opt for something more elaborate, […]

What Are Fall Back Payments With BIP21?

Fall back payments

Scaling bitcoin into layers was not going to be easy; for us who enjoy the innovation in the space, it’s fun to mess around with different wallets and solutions, but this is a niche of people. Normies want the PayPal/Venmo experience if they are going to get into using bitcoin. Yes, I know they’re lazy […]

What Is A Bitcoin Stealth Address?

stealth address bitcoin

The birth of the world’s first open and public blockchain in the bitcoin network has started a financial revolution. The ability for anyone to transact value globally across a network without any limitations regarding participation in the network and transparent transactions is something we all need.  Using a public ledger comes with advantages auditing, verifying […]

How To Set Up A Bitcoin Wallet With Atomic Wallet

Set up atomic bitcoin wallet

Managing your bitcoin is a unique journey of self-discovery as a range of software provides you free access to broadcast to the chain. There is no right or wrong way to interact with the bitcoin network, but there are specific security measures you should be aware of before using any open source or closed source […]