What Are AirGapped Bitcoin Wallets?

Airgapped btc wallets

When it comes down to securing your bitcoin and holding your keys, there isn’t a single path to storage. You can start with a method as simple as downloading a software hot wallet for free and generating a set of keys on your desktop or mobile device, or you can opt for something more elaborate, […]

What Are Fall Back Payments With BIP21?

Fall back payments

Scaling bitcoin into layers was not going to be easy; for us who enjoy the innovation in the space, it’s fun to mess around with different wallets and solutions, but this is a niche of people. Normies want the PayPal/Venmo experience if they are going to get into using bitcoin. Yes, I know they’re lazy […]

What Is A Bitcoin Stealth Address?

stealth address bitcoin

The birth of the world’s first open and public blockchain in the bitcoin network has started a financial revolution. The ability for anyone to transact value globally across a network without any limitations regarding participation in the network and transparent transactions is something we all need.  Using a public ledger comes with advantages auditing, verifying […]

How To Set Up A Bitcoin Wallet With Atomic Wallet

Set up atomic bitcoin wallet

Managing your bitcoin is a unique journey of self-discovery as a range of software provides you free access to broadcast to the chain. There is no right or wrong way to interact with the bitcoin network, but there are specific security measures you should be aware of before using any open source or closed source […]

What Are Bitcoin AOPP Wallets?

BTC aopp wallets

Financial privacy under the fiat system is long gone; banks and fintech apps are tracking all your economic data from purchase behaviour, salaries, loans, repayment frequencies, and so much more. If you consider the big stink people make about social media apps collecting data on what kind of puppy photos you like and how they […]

How To Download A Bitcoin Wallet

download a bitcoin wallet

So you’ve heard about this bitcoin thing, and you want to start accepting bitcoin payments, or you’ve bought bitcoin, and it’s sitting on an exchange. It’s making you feel uneasy, and you want to take custody of your bitcoin. Perhaps you have someone who wants to pay you in bitcoin, but you have no idea […]

The Difference Between A Custodial & Non-Custodial Bitcoin Wallet

Custodial vs non custodial wallets

Buying Bitcoin may sound simple enough signing up to a centralised exchange, P2P or decentralised exchange. Then load up your account and trading fiat or a stable coin for Bitcoin. Still, when you accept Bitcoin into your possession, there are several considerations you have to make regarding safety, security, cost and complexity.  Depending on your […]