What Is A Sidecar Channel?

side car channels in LN

The Lightning Network is a peer-to-peer payment system that requires you to establish a connection with one other network user, in this case, a Lightning node. You would create a channel between yourself and another Lightning user, and this channel, backed by an on-chain UTXO, allows you to move funds between the two of you […]

What Is A Bitcoin Bridge?

What is a Bitcoin Bridge?

As we try to push bitcoin forward as a monetary network, we will always have competitors and imitators trying to take a piece out of the bitcoin pie. Altcoins are trying their best to absorb users and liquidity out from under bitcoin, and they’ve failed abysmally to date, as bitcoin continues to dominate the market […]

What Are Fall Back Payments With BIP21?

Fall back payments

Scaling bitcoin into layers was not going to be easy; for us who enjoy the innovation in the space, it’s fun to mess around with different wallets and solutions, but this is a niche of people. Normies want the PayPal/Venmo experience if they are going to get into using bitcoin. Yes, I know they’re lazy […]

What Is A Lightning Email Address?

BTC LN emails

Onboarding users into bitcoin is a simple task; you require a certain level of technical knowledge to navigate the network. Bitcoin users need to understand what the terms and jargon mean and how to use bitcoin privately and securely.   Sending bitcoin can be a nerve-wracking experience; I still triple and quadruple check every address I […]

What Is A Partially Signed Bitcoin Transaction (PSBT)?

PSBT explanation

The bitcoin network and its growing set of tools provide individuals with the ability to provide their own banking services free of rent-seeking intermediaries and third-party custodial risk. Bitcoin can be as straightforward or as complex as you require it to be. While most of us would use bitcoin to store our wealth across space […]

What Is Splicing On The Lightning Network?

LN channel splicing

The Lightning Network (LN) is the most popular scaling solution for using bitcoin for micropayments and instant settlement. It offers bitcoin users an ecosystem where more freedom can be had, and applications can be built with a lot fewer limitations than the base layer has. While Lightning offers a massive improvement on scaling, it isn’t […]

What Are Channel Factories?

LN channel factory

The Lightning Network has added a new environment where bitcoin can be locked and used in ways that the base chain would not allow. Leveraging a growing network of interconnected payment channels, the Lightning Network can route payments between participants without establishing a direct payment route. The Network of Lightning Nodes would find the optimal […]

What Are Trampoline Payments?

LN Trampoline Payments

The Lightning Network has been a significant step forward in providing an environment for developers to try new things and deliver applications and wallets with more tools to leverage bitcoin in their products. Scaling the bitcoin network without giving into centralisation was never an easy fix, even with the Lightning Networks promise. It does have […]

What Are Turbo Channels?

LN turbo channels

Lightning Network’s promise is fast and cheap bitcoin payments; this is what users expect when they connect to Lightning. But to send or receive payments via Lightning, you need to have at least one payment channel that connects you to the network. Once a payment channel is opened, paying via Lightning doesn’t require on-chain transactions. […]

What Is Bitcoin Dust?

BTC dust

Bitcoin is the world’s first digital bearer asset, and when you have complete control over an investment or asset, it comes with exposure to specific kinks as part of the rules of the network. Bitcoin can be divided into 100 million pieces, and with that level of granularity comes some pain points and a learning […]