What Is Hedgehog?

Hedgehog Layer 2

Super Testnet, a freelance developer focused on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, is known for developing some rather novel ideas and pushing them out to drive discussion and innovation.  Every so often, the tinkerer pops up with a new proof of concept and leaves some of us scratching our heads as we try to keep […]

What Is Pathcoin?

What is pathcoin?

We’ve all heard of Bitcoin as a digital currency, a revolutionary way to exchange value online. Internet native money used by cartels to launder money, ones and zeros used to purchase drugs via online marketplaces, and digital beanie babies are ideal for somewhere scams. Yes, Bitcoin has been used for those types of transactions, but […]

What Is OP_CAT?

Bitcoin OP-CAT

Bitcoin upgrades are a contentious subject; whenever they are brought up in conversion, as you can rightly imagine, a larger portion of the population joins in and places their monetary value into the network each year. Now that we’re sitting in the trillion-dollar range, making any changes to Bitcoin becomes a monumental task.  You’ll find […]

What Are Inviscriptions?

What are inviscriptions

Bitcoin is marketed by many as a decentralised and censorship-resistant network that is committed to transaction finality. As long as you pay the fees and broadcast your transaction, you will see it added into the next block or a few blocks after that, depending on how busy the network is and how competitive your transaction […]

BitVM Could Enable 2-Way Pegs

BitVM two way pegs

Bitcoin can scale through side chains by offloading transactions to separate blockchains that are linked to the main Bitcoin blockchain. Sidechains allow for faster and more efficient transaction processing, as they do not have to adhere to the same strict consensus rules as the main blockchain. This can help to lower transaction fees and congestion […]

Why Run A Cloud Node With Voltage

Cloud node with Voltage

One of the core tenets of Bitcoin is to avoid trust and always verify. To do this, you should practise self-custody and reduce exposure to intermediaries. While this is the intended use for Bitcoin, the reality is very few people have taken the time to use the asset and the network in a trustless manner. […]

What Is The Bitcoin Security Budget?

BTC security budget

Bitcoin, often referred to as digital gold, is not just a revolutionary form of decentralised digital currency; it’s also a pioneer in security. It’s the first global open network to remain online for over a decade without a major hack, and it does so by encouraging miners from around the world to provide security. As […]

What Are Auth47 Paynym Accounts?

Paynym Auth 47

As a modern internet user, you’ve probably got accounts with tens, even hundreds of websites, from eCommerce stores to software applications, social media apps and news publications. Managing accounts on all these platforms has become such a pain you either have to opt for setting up a password-managing service or trust your browser to remember […]

What Is Bitcoin TX Compression?

Bitcoin TX compression

A Bitcoin transaction is a transfer of value between two Bitcoin addresses. A transaction is typically initiated by a payee sending over a public address to a payer who wants to send Bitcoin to the payee. The payer will use the software wallet of their choice to compile the transaction, stipulating the amount of funds […]

What is Graftroot?

Graftroot explained

The Bitcoin network is seen by some as a simple way to send and receive funds without the need for counterparties. Bitcoin has been settling transactions for over a decade, and its robustness and reliability are what it is known for, while more complex transactions are not often associated with Bitcoin. However, as Bitcoin has […]

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