What Is The Difference Between Dollar Cost Averaging & Saving In Bitcoin?

There has been a bit of an “online scuffle” recently amongst the most ardent Bitcoiners about terminology around stacking sats. A lot of people refer to buying sats daily as Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) and although regular people use the daily buys and DCA terms interchangeably, it grinds some people’s gears. Personally, I’m not too […]

Why Bitcoin Will Beat The US Dollar

J-Ryze - Why BTC beats USD - TBM cover

Bitcoin is replacing USD the same way Netflix replaced TV and Uber replaced taxis. Bitcoin beating USD is actually pretty simple, once you understand it. Bitcoin and the US Dollar are both valued by people. The question is will each currency’s value remain the same? Which will increase in value most? Which will decrease in […]

Is Crypto “Dodgy”?

Is crypto dodgy

Define “Dodgy” This conversation usually comes up as I discuss Bitcoin and crypto with my friends – the “dodginess of crypto” – as they associate it with non-mainstream behaviour that we’re mostly used to with high street banks. Seeing as cryptocurrencies are not illegal in the UK and are considered as assets and any gains […]