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Bottlepay is a Bitcoin-only exchange that was incorporated in 2018, is part of the New York Digital Investments Group (NYDIG) and is laser focused on the lightning network

Based in Newcastle in the UK, they are on a mission to make micropayments or tipping in sats as easy as 1-2-3 by integrating with social media.

Not only this but they are making Bitcoin even more accessible to plebs by reducing the minimum amount you need to make a purchase to £1.

BottlePay UK Bitcoin exchange

With the low barrier threshold to buy Bitcoin, this allows you to stack sats in a variety of ways, whether you just do a one-off buy or recurring purchases, which allows you to dollar cost average.

This can all be done via the mobile app which has smooth animations and a really simple interface to make the process easy. 

There are not many fees to consider when using Bottlepay because it is a Bitcoin-only company, you will only get hit when you trade from fiat to Bitcoin (or vice versa). Sending, receiving, funding and withdrawing are free but you should check their fees page to stay updated.

Verification of the account upon registering took a couple of days so if you don’t get impatient, it’s worth the wait! Once verified, it was so easy to fund the account and instantly buy Bitcoin with a couple of taps.

There is a blog section on the site where the latest updates are shared along with further guides on how to use the app if the in-app instructions aren’t in depth enough for you.

*Full information about Bottlepay’s Referral Program can be found here

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