Altcoins Are Chicken Nuggets

altcoin chicken nuggets compare

When you join the Bitcoin space, there’s a certain pressure to hide your past regarding your “curiosity” around shitcoins, but let’s be honest, it was all about greed. Many of us have shitcoined oops, I mean, acquired a basket of crypto assets lol, goodness, these marketing terms make me cringe. Aside, did I care about […]

Why You Should Avoid Clickbait Content

If you’ve been in Bitcoin for any length of time, chances are you saw some clickbait content that made you feel FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and dive right in without doing any research. You know the kind of content I mean. Those YouTube videos with a million exclamation marks in the title and a […]

Bitcoins Energy Use Is A Force For Good

Bitcoins energy use is good

As a Bitcoiner, you tend to paint a target on your back for criticism; yes, I am outspoken about my passion for Bitcoin and the value a Bitcoin standard could bring. In my time as a Bitcoiner, I’ve had plenty of objections thrown at me on why I am wrong.  I tend to brush it […]

DINOs Will Go The Way Of The Dinosaur

Dinos - Decentralised in name only

For most of us, the journey into Bitcoin will take several detours; if you are going to learn about how this blockchain “thing” works. There are very few of us who remain Bitcoin purists; you’re going to explore the land of altcoins and shitcoins eventually. It’s okay if you want to try your hand at […]

What The FUD? Crypto & Mental Health

Crypto and Mental Health

Wow! Plenty of uncertainty in the crypto markets flying around at the moment along with the fear and doubt thanks to someone powering up the FUD machine to max capacity! In any case, the newcomers that came without doing their research and saw their portfolios go down by about 40-50%, like one of my friends […]

Oh, You Mean Bitcoin Price Doesn’t Always Go Up?

Bitcoin price doesn't always go up

I know, cats! Hard to believe given that the fiat valuation of 1 Bitcoin has been on an absolute monster run since the covid crash in March 2020! In the last 12 months, it seems that BTC has really only known one direction – up! However, if you only joined in the Bitcoin and crypto […]

It’s Not A Question of “Schiff” But When…

Not Schiff but when

So I saw a post yesterday from Hive’s favourite mannequin @hivelander which showed how the market cap of Bitcoin is rapidly moving up the charts according to this website which compares assets and companies’ evaluations. As you can see, as of today (18th Feb 2021) the market cap of BTC is nearly at $1 Trillion […]

Mainstream Media Starting To Cover Crypto – Is It Good Though?

Mainstream Media Coverage

Every day I’ve been waking up this past week, Bitcoin has done something like hitting all time high prices one after another. In fact, it’s gone up by 30% in £ value in the last 7 days alone according to CoinGecko which is unreal in itself! Institutions are really loading up and adding Bitcoin to […]

Is Crypto “Dodgy”?

Is crypto dodgy

Define “Dodgy” This conversation usually comes up as I discuss Bitcoin and crypto with my friends – the “dodginess of crypto” – as they associate it with non-mainstream behaviour that we’re mostly used to with high street banks. Seeing as cryptocurrencies are not illegal in the UK and are considered as assets and any gains […]

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