Bitcoiners Are Sober Drivers, Shitcoiners Are Drunk Drivers

BTC sober, shitcoiners drunk

Throughout history, humans have come up with new tools to make life easier; the more effective a tool, the more widely it is adopted. Once a tool reaches its limits, we look at ways to upgrade or replace them. Humans are simply wired to seek ways to be more productive and get more output for […]

Bitcoin Apps: Stacker News

btc ap stacker news

Bitcoiners are an opinionated bunch, and we’re not afraid to say it like it is without much of a filter. Naturally, this approach can rub people the wrong way or be misunderstood as toxicity and aggression. We see it all the time, especially from shitcoiner and scammers; bitcoiners are toxic, bitcoiners chase away community engagement, […]