Options For Storing Your Bitcoin Seed Phrase

Store your bitcoin seed phrase

To take complete control of your bitcoin and enjoy the benefits of the network as it was intended, you need to take full custody of your funds. This means that you own the bitcoin with no third party obligations or risk and can secure your bitcoin in a way where only you can gain access […]

Does Tether FUD Matter To Bitcoiners?

FUD from Tether

Becoming a bitcoiner is easy; anyone can do it; you create an account with an exchange, hand over your contact details, send your money over to fund your account and click buy. Nothing could be simpler; once you have your bitcoin, you can LARP with the other bitcoiners online. Yes, you are now in a […]

How To Send Bitcoin Through Discord

As far as gaming goes, Discord is the main app that everyone uses to hang out in and get to know fellow gamers. Or throw some insults and banter at each other instead lol. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Discord provides a service where you can create a fully customisable chat […]